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At ARGIO PRIVATE LIMITED,  We’ve only just started, but we already know that every product we build requires hard-earned skills, dedication and a daring attitude.Here Mentioned Services we provide and Offer

  1. Laser Cutting Metals and Non Metals

  2. Website and App development

  3. Electric Vehicle Batteries Two-wheeler and Three-Wheeler

  4. Charging Stations

  5. Teaching and Learning

  6. Home Automation

Social Service Activities

ARGIO PRIVATE LIMITED has developed social job platform for Special Abled people and people who are skilled but not having any relevant  educational degree.The name of this Platform is

You can share it and help the needy to survive in there lives.

Services: Our Technology



• ARGIO Provides Service in Laser Cutting Metals and Non-Metals and we fulfill the orders according to Customer Design and Requirements and Deliver Quality Product

• Types of Materials in Metals we cut are -

       1) Stainless Steel      3) Mild Steel          5) Carbon Steel etc.

       2) Copper                 4) Aluminium

• Types of Materials In Non - Metals we Cut are –

       1) Acrylic       2) MDF       5) Cardboard

       3) Paper         4) Wood


ARGIO has Innovative and Skilled IT team having Experience of around 12 – 15 Years in the IT industry also we have Team of  Designers, Programmers & Software Architects who give there best to Complete the Projects and fulfil Customer Requirements. Here are some mentioned Domains we work in.
• Domain of Work
1.Website Development
2.Android and IOS Application Development
3.Desktop Application Development
4.Digital Marketing & Hosting Services
5.Software Testing Learnings & Automation Development


• As the EV Market is booming so ARGIO as just stepped into Electric Vehicle Batteries of  Two Wheelers & Three Wheelers. We have Innovative Team who are Technological vitrains for R & D of batteries which are Continuously working not only to Manufacture Batteries but creating a Better Future Battery for the EV Market.

• We have two Types of Batteries

    1)Lithium ion – NMC

    2)Lithium ion – Ferro Phosphate

Please Note -  Batteries can also be Customized & can be manufactured according to the Specific Customer Requirement.(i.e. Design specific)      


•We are Providing Charging Stations for the Society and well Known Builders we have two Products in this category

1)Charging Stations AC & DC

2)Smart Sockets

Features of Charging Station

• Mobile Application

• Online Payment

• Smart Lock for Charger

• Revenue Reports

• User Management

• Monitor Electricity Consumption

• Electrical Load Balancing 


• ARGIO has collaboration with the training providing Agency and also having a Team who Provide Trainings to students to make them Skilled and Industry Ready.

• We not only Provide Trainings But also help Students for Placements and Certificate and the End of the Course will be Provided

• We are Currently Providing Trainings in

    1) Full Stack Java Development Courses for Computer Engineering ,BCA , MCA & Non IT Students or Professionals

    2) Six Sigma Quality Tool for Automobile and Mechanical Engineers(Certified Belts Will be Given)

    3) Data Science

• Currently Planning for Collaborations with the Colleges so Students will get Skilled and will be Trained in their core Fields .

• Trainings  can Be Provided Online or Offline.


• Home Automation is a basic amenity given by a builder now a days in flats. So ARGIO PRIVATE LIMITED is giving home Automation Product which can be integrated by Alexa and Google.

Features of Home Automation

1) Charger is connected but forgot to Switch on the Button tell Alexa or Google to ON it.

2) Purchase a normal fan we will make it Smart Fan.

3) Smart Lights.

4) Smart Brightness control light and Colour changeable LEDs

5) Smart Connectors.

All the home will be operated on one App.

Services: Services
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